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How to enter

To apply for Ambassador for a Day 2023, you need to record a short video of yourself answering the following question...

"If you were Ambassador for a day, what issue would you highlight on the world stage and why?"


We want to hear about what is most important to you. How do you think society should change? What should our leaders be doing differently? How could your local community be made better?

Your video should be no more than two minutes long and can be in English or German. It can be filmed on any device (including your phone) in either landscape or portrait mode. You can ask a friend or family member to help you film it, or record it yourself. It is best to record in a brightly lit space, and somewhere where the sound will be audible, but the main thing we will be focusing on is your ideas and your passion.

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Why is the Ambassador for a Day competition only open to young women?
  • Although we have made much progress in recent years, we are still some way off achieving gender parity in political life. Data shows that women are underrepresented at all levels of decision-making worldwide, which highlights the importance of having measures and networks targeted at girls and women. (Source: UN Women).

  • At the current rate of progress, gender equality in the highest positions of power will not be reached for another 130 years. Just 21% of ministers and 25% parliamentarians globally are women. (Source: UN Women)

  • The World Economic Forum estimates that at the current rate of progress, it will take 267.6 years to close the economic gender gap. (Source: World Economic Forum)

  • Analysis of 40 peace processes since the end of the Cold War shows that, in cases where women were able to exercise a strong influence on the negotiation process, there was a much higher chance that an agreement would be reached than when women’s groups exercised weak or no influence. (Source: The Global Study on 1325).