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Past events

Ambassador for a Day launched in Berlin in 2021. It is intended to show committed young women a range of opportunities and ways in which they too can improve the world in a leading position. Since 2021 we have invited more than 40 young inspirational women from across Germany to join us for a day full of meetings, workshops and networking opportunities. 


Our first cohort of 20 inspirational winners from across Germany visited the Embassy in May 2022. They had the chance to learn key skills from our senior diplomats, as well as meeting international leaders from the UK and Germany and sharing their own incredible ideas for change.


For our second cohort, we invited even more young women for Winners Day in June 2023. Winners received media training from the Chief Foreign Policy Reporter for FOCUS Magazine, Gudrun Dometeit, and met Anna Lührmann, Minister for Europe & Climate at the German MFA. A reception in the evening was co-hosted by Damjan Denkovski, Deputy Executive Director of the Centre for Feminist Foreign Policy and was attended by a wide range of members of Diplomatic Corps and other external contacts.

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