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Applications now closed

Become a leader!

Girls and young women are important champions for a more just, sustainable and equal world. It benefits us all to have more young women, in all their diversity, representing us when making decisions for the future, but data shows that women are underrepresented at all levels of decision-making worldwide.

Ambassador for a Day exists to empower young women with the skills they need to become our future leaders.  Every year we invite 20 women to our Embassy for a day of mentorship, training and workshops.

The competition is open to all young women - regardless of their background - who are resident in Germany and aged between 16-19 years old.

Applications are open now and close at 4pm on 11 January 2023.

Hear from some of our previous winners...


Ronja, from Sachsen-Anhalt

It's never too late to submit your idea! It's really key to talk about a topic that is important to you and affects or concerns the world around you. Think about a daily issue that you face and want to solve. Structure your video well and make it easier to understand!

If you win, you get to meet the other winners and get to know each other. You also get to meet the British Ambassador and explore the embassy! I wish lots of creativity and lots of luck!

Watch Ronja's video


Linh, from Sachsen-Anhalt

Ambassador for a day changed my whole life - it was magical to stand in the room with all the other well meaning and strong girls. We are friends to this day! We weren't treated as kids - we were treated as peers and the team helped us to realise our potential.

Please don't be afraid! Take advantage of this unique competition. I hope you have the same incredible and unforgettable experience as I did! I hope you will enter the competition.

Watch Linh's video


Sophie, from Berlin

The Ambassador for a Day Competition offers you a stage, so give your voice to an issue or opinion you want to be heard. A personal connection to your topic of choice can help you explore its complexity and peculiarities. Make sure to present your genuine passion for your chosen subject – enthusiasm is contagious!


Kinza, from Berlin

Ambassador for a day competition is an initiative that is both inclusive and personal at the same time! This is your opportunity to use your voice to make a difference. So do it wisely! Think about that one thing that you are truly passionate about, that one issue that to you is urgent to solve and that triggers your will to make a difference! Use it as a tool to convey your thoughts.


This competition will give you the perfect chance to discuss/present your ideology and will expose you to other perspectives regarding the current phenomenon that govern our world and how we can change them for good.

I wish you all the very best and hope this experience is as rewarding for you as it was for me. Good luck on your first step of the journey of changing the world for the better and for all!


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